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REC Professional letters after your name
REC Professional letters after your name
Your career 27th Jan 2020

If you were a member of the IRP you are now, instead, an REC professional! 


What does this mean for me?

You can now update the letters after your name (sometimes called your 'post nominals' or 'honorary title').

We've put together a summary table, below, of what your post nominals used to be and what you should now update them to: 

REC professional titles

We will still be awarding the most prestigious title of honorary fellow at our REC awards (nee IRP awards) in November 2020.

What do I do now?

1. Now is the time to make the change to your profile wherever it appears online, for instance:

  • LinkedIn
  • Email signature
  • Your CV
  • Your professional biography
  • Anywhere else you display your professional credentials online

It’s as simple as replacing “AIRP” with “AREC”, etc, after your name.

2. Start using the new REC Professionals logo in place of the IRP logo. You will be sent the new logo electronically once you have renewed your professional membership with the REC. If you want to get that underway asap, email us! info@rec.uk.com

3. You can explain the change to your peers and colleagues by sharing our new corporate video. No need for long wordy statements!

4. Remember to schedule the change to logos and your professional credentials (i.e. the letters after your name) for the next time you do a print run for business cards or letterheads.

5. Last but not least: if you have a moment, let us know what you think of our new brand – feedback@rec.uk.com

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